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See some testimonials from a handful of our happy customers below:

Thank you Neil and Flaura Pets for your kind words and empathy. Outstanding service!

Michelle Damons

I trusted Flaura Pets with the most precious son I have ever had and with respect they took care of him as if he was their own.

Lizanne Boshoff

Got my baby's ashes back to me within a week while our country is on lockdown. So happy to have her at home with us, it's been a tough week! We chose the eco tree option, such a unique and special way of keeping the memory of her alive. Thank you Flaura Pets!

Megan Ewers

Thanks for taking GOOD care of Baggas  - he was part of our family for almost 19 years. Thanks to you he now has a special place in our house

Betsie Fourie Delport

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